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Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame

The Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame was established in 1981 by the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association and the Southeastern Livestock Exposition. The action was taken for the purpose of “recognizing and honoring living Alabamians who have made significant contributions to Alabama’s cattle and livestock industry.”

As specified in the charter of the Hall of Fame, that charter members “Shall consist of ten members. Thereafter, new members, not to exceed five in any calendar year, shall be elected by the existing members of the Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame.” A majority vote of the existing members shall be necessary for election of new members. Nominations shall be made in writing by an individual or organization and delivered to the chairman of the Hall of Fame.

The Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame is located on the third floor of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association/Southeastern Livestock Exposition building in Montgomery. Pictures of each member of the Hall of Fame, along with brief biographical information, are displayed in the exhibition hall of the building.

In 1995, an update was made to the organization’s bylaws to allow for the posthumous honoring of individuals. This “Pioneer Award” designation has seen numerous deserving men and women added to the Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame.

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