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Government Affairs

Representing Alabama Cattlemen on Capitol Hill

One of the ways the Alabama Cattlemen's Association serves its members and the state's beef cattle industry is by lobbying state government on the behalf of cattle producers. For more information on current or prospective legislation and its effects on Alabama's cattle industry, please contact the ACA office. The links below serve to educate the public on the laws of Alabama and the workings of our state government.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

The lobbying efforts of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association have always focused on protecting the interests of those involved in the state's $2 billion beef cattle industry. Keeping to ACA's mission to protect the business climate for producing beef in Alabama, policy issues of concern to ACA range from taxes and land use to eminent domain and topics of animal health. Alabama's family farms and ranches are essentially small businesses needing a transparent and competitive marketplace in which they can thrive.

In recent years, attacks on our industry from activist groups have sought to cast a negative light on those involved in farming and ranching as well as other landowners. This negative pushback has caused ACA to mobilize its lobbying efforts on additional issues such as environmental regulations and topics of livestock care. Whether working the halls alone or as a member of the Alabama Coalition for Farm Animal Care & Well-Being, legislators know they can depend on ACA to represent the facts in any case and that ACA will always be leading the fight for cattlemen in Alabama.

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