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YCLP Council

YCLP Alumni Council

Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program (YCLP) alumni have grown to be a large group of beef advocates across the state of Alabama. It is ACA’s hope to continue to educate and cultivating a group of young leaders for this industry, so a governing body to help plan and execute current class sessions was formed— the YCLP Council. Members of the YCLP Council serve a two-year term, for up to two terms. YCLP Council members are to aid in the following areas:
• Plan one YCLP alumni event during the year to educate alumni on current issues and serve as a networking opportunity.
• Aid in planning current class tours.
• Attend YCLP tours within his or her region, attending at least once session to share experiences and host a Q&A.
• Be a contact for his or her graduating class to encourage continued involvement.
• Attend quarterly YCLP Council meetings.
• Participate in annual YCLP Council industry tour.

The current council is as follows:
YCLP Council Chairman: William Morgan, Coffee County, YCLP Class V
YCLP Class II: Will Gotcher, Colbert County
YCLP Class III: Katie Sowell, Madison County
YCLP Class IV: Ryan Kennedy, Colbert County
YCLP Class VI: Logan Whatley, Montgomery County
YCLP Class VII: Will Bullen, Clay County
YCLP Class VIII: David Daniel, Jr., Dallas County

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