Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program


The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association is excited to announce our newest State Beef Checkoff funded endeavor: the ACA Young Cattlemen Leadership Program (YCLP). The three primary goals of the YCLP are:

  1. Provide participants with a pasture to plate experience of the Alabama beef industry
  2. Equip participants with the tools necessary to become an effective leader and share their beef story with their peers
  3. Create a network of young cattlemen who the ACA can depend on to help with beef promotion and issues management as well as become industry leaders in the future.

The YCLP will consist of six meetings dispersed across Alabama over the course of a year. The class will be selected by a committee based on applications submitted. From the applicant pool there will be a maximum of 20 participants selected. Preference will be given to those nominees who are between the ages of 20 & 40, but do not be discouraged to nominate yourself or someone else who falls out of that range. To encourage buy-in from the participants, there will be a tuition fee of $250 that will be due before the first session sometime in early summer.

We are encouraging county chapters to cover the tuition and “buy-in” to their young leaders. If you are interested in applying to the program, complete the enclosed application and submit it with a letter of recommendation from someone you consider being an upcoming leader in your county’s cattlemen association.

Contact YCLP Program Coordinator Don Mulvaney for questions or information at