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Junior Pasture to Rail Program

The 2018 Junior Pasture to Rail program will be managed through the AJCA in conjunction with the current Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) Pasture to Rail program. Youth will learn how to retain ownership on their cattle and how to market cattle on the grid. There will be four (4) educational programs beginning in fall 2018 to educate the participating youth about the cattle industry from pasture to plate.

Cattle will be gathered at central locations around Alabama and shipped to Hy-Plains Feedlot in Montezuma, KS. Ear notches will be pulled for BVD-PI testing and calves will be tagged, weighed, and graded at that time (frame/muscle score, BCS). Data/results will be provided at the awards presentation for the 2018 Pasture to Rail program. Awards will be given to the top three (3) youth based on profitability in two categories: individual profitability of one (1) calf and the average profitability of a pen of three (3) calves.

Data provided will include carcass data as well as feedlot performance, medical expenses, feed costs, etc.

Program Requirements:
  • Youth must be of age 21 or younger by January 1, 2018 to participate
  • Youth must be an AJCA, FFA or 4-H member
  • Steers are preferred, heifers can be entered but will be at a disadvantage for the program.
  • Cattle must be 600-lbs. at minimum on the day of shipment, be weaned and pre-conditioned for 60 days (castrated, dehorned and healed, dewormed) and be vaccinated/boostered for Blackleg, PI3, BVD, BSRV and IBR (modified live).
  • A $200 participation fee will be incurred for pens of three (3) or less. A $75/head fee will be added for additional entries.
  • Youth must attend a minimum of three (3) of four (4) educational programs to be eligible for any awards.

Calves will be shipped at specified dates between August 2018 to March 2019. In order to ship, calves must meet the aforementioned pre-conditioning requirements. Ship dates and locations as well as educational programs will be communicated as determined.

Click Here for Pasture to Rail Program Information

Registration will close August 31 at midnight.
This program is sponsored by the Alabama Beef Checkoff Program.


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2018 Junior Pasture to Rail Program Terms & Conditions

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