October is Beef Month in Alabama!

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2018 Alabama Beef Checkoff Referendum

Alabama Law (Act No. 280, Legislature of Alabama 1961) requires a statewide vote of cattle owners every five years to continue the voluntary Alabama beef checkoff program.

The Alabama Beef Checkoff Program is a self-help program for cattle producers that works to increase consumer beef demand and provide opportunities for youth development, research and educational programs for cattlemen in the state. The program is not mandatory as producers who do not wish to participate can request refund on the state beef checkoff assessment.


Who can vote?
All Alabama cattle owners, no age restrictions apply

When is the vote?

Wednesday, October 24
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Where can I vote?

County Extension Offices
Click here to find your county office

Your Alabama Beef Checkoff Dollars At Work...

Providing Livestock Activities for Youth
Training an Issues Team for Times of Crisis
Funding Beef Cattle Research Projects
Promoting Beef in Alabama
Educating the Next Generation of Cattlemen
Certifying Producers Through Beef Quality Assurance Training
Educating Consumers About Beef from Pasture to Plate
Developing Future Leaders Through the Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program
Representing Alabama at the Young Cattlemen's Conference
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