What’s Going On Wednesday: August 14, 2019

Well, if it wasn’t hot enough, it just got hotter! With a volatile week of weather and cattle markets, we are happy to bring some news that’s not so dreary. We’ve got a lot coming up and in the works, so keep reading to learn more about what’s happening at the ACA this week! 


Tyson Plant Burns

Let’s start with the obvious. The cattle market is the talk of the week as the boards are feeling the PNGPIX-COM-Tyson-Foods-Logo-PNG-Transparenteffects of a fire that one of Tyson’s beef harvest plants in Kansas suffered over the weekend. The plant processes 6,000 head of cattle a day taking away a landing spot for an already-saturated fed cattle market. Tyson has announced they will rebuild immediately and is working to redirect cattle into their other packing facilities. With the uncertainty so far around this situation, cattle markets have been limit down both Monday and Tuesday. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has had a significant role to ensure the Federal regulatory burden does not make recovery any harder. ACA is working to notify our congressmen and senators in D.C. of the situation so they are aware of the effects this will have on our producers in the coming weeks who are selling feeder calves.



State Ag Board Meeting

Screenshot 2019-08-14 13.35.27Erin Beasley attended the quarterly meeting for the Department of Agriculture and Industries Board on Tuesday in Decatur. She presented the 2018 annual report and financials for the State Beef Checkoff program and received unanimous approval from the board along with several positive comments about the program as a whole.



Bama’s Best Burger Update

Regional semi finalist voting has kicked off for the 2019 Bama’s Best Screenshot 2019-08-12 09.38.47Burger contest! Region 1 and Region 2 semi finalists are duking it out in a a very close first round of Facebook polling. Region 1 semi finalist is SUCH-n-SUCH (Decatur) Heart Attack Burger, while the Region 2 semi finalist is the Bananza Burger from The Strand in Fort Payne! So far the poll has garnered over 1,300 votes with SUCH-n-SUCH leading by only 30 votes. This poll closes in the morning, and the challenge between Region 3 semi finalist J&J Grocery (Bessemer) Cheeseburger and Region 4 semi finalist R&R Burgers (Springville) Jealous Grandma Burger will go live! Be sure to follow the contest to find out who all the regional semi finalists are and VOTE for your local dive.



Wood Fruitticher Sales Meeting

This Thursday, staffer Ali Cantrell is traveling to Trussville for the Wood Fruitticher Sales meeting to kick off the fall beef sales promotion. Barney Wilborn, the manager of Auburn University’s Meat Lab, will be joining Ali during this sales meeting to fabricate and present cuts from the chuck and sirloin to the salesmen. This presentation is meant to educate the salesmen about the cuts they sell everyday and how to better market them to their customers.



Board of Directors Meeting- Next Week!

Board members, be sure to RSVP to Jessica Kennedy for next week’s Summer Board of Directors Meeting! We’ll be giving out “Over the Top” county prizes, giving you all the ACA updates you need and letting you in on an exclusive FIRST LOOK at  ALL the new changes in The MOOseum! Don’t miss out.


At the membership desk this week, remittances from our latest mail-out have begun rolling in and the membership number of the day is 8,836! We are so close to 9,000…but the goal is 10,000. Staffers have begun to call non-renewed members, so join us in recruiting!



Beef Systems Short Course

On Tuesday, ACA Director of Field Services stopped in on the first of 67965592_1668840516585278_6188286551928078336_nmany Beef Systems Extension Short Courses happening statewide throughout the fall months. Morgan visited the kickoff meeting at the Clanton location and enjoyed the opportunity to visit with cattlemen and get an overview of the content being taught during the four-night course. To find an upcoming course near you and to get registered, visit www.aces.edu/go/1065.



Clay County Cattlemen’s Rodeo

Staffers are looking forward to the opportunity to attend this weekend’s Clay County Cattlemen’s Rodeo happening Friday and Saturday evenings. The team will go to enjoy and support this county cattlemen event and see what all it has to offer! Next week will bring the Pike County Cattlemen’s Rodeo where staffer Morgan Pounds will be taking pride on a mechanical bull and attending the event. If you’ve got an upcoming county event, be sure to let us know about it!



Preparing for Fall Promotions

Ali Cantrell is preparing October Beef Month boxes for county Cattlemen’s Associations. These boxes will be ready for pick up at the Summer Board of Directors meeting on August 22. Please contact Ali if there is a special event this fall that you need promotional material for so she can add it to your box! If you are unable to pick up a box at the board meeting, let Ali know that you want it mailed.



News from the AJCA

If you attended the 2019 AJAC Round-Up, we want to hear your feedback on the event. Visit www.BamaBeef.org/AJCA where you’ll find a link to a survey regarding the event and 2020 upcoming events. We appreciate the time you take to help us improve the Round-Up! We also encourage you to go check out the newest feature of the AJCA, an Instagram! If you use the social app, hop on and give @al_juniorcattlemen a follow. With the guidance of ACA staff, AJCA President Ashlyn Ruf will be running the account during her year of leadership. Let’s show her and our junior association some support!



You’re Invited: Cattlemen’s BEEF 201

CattlemenBeef201-01The ACA is hosting a Cattlemen’s BEEF 201 at Auburn University’s Beef Teaching Unit and Meats Lab on Friday, September 13. We invite all cattlemen to explore the beef industry from pasture to plate. Features of this program will include live animal evaluation, carcass evaluation and fabrication. Please sign up at www.bamabeef.org/beef201 or contact Ali Cantrell to get registered for the program.


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What’s Going On Wednesday: August 7, 2019

Well, it’s a scorcher out there today. Good thing today’s blog is chock-full of good reads to keep you inside during your lunch break just a liiiitttleee bit longer. As board sale and back-to-school seasons fire up, it’s a busy time for both the worlds of cattle production and beef promotion. All systems are go at our office as we tackle stockyard visits, October Beef Month plans, burger contest, board sales and The MOOseum renovation project. Keep reading to find out more about what’s happening at the ACA this week. 


The MOOseum Taking Life

MOOseum COLOR logoThe big news this week is all that’s happening on the first floor of our building! As if it hadn’t already, The MOOseum is truly experiencing a total transformation as the exhibit fabricators are in town performing installation. The images we’ve seen for so long in 2D form are really beginning to take life in 3D and we’re so excited to unveil the new MOOseum!



Save the Date- August Board Meeting

ACA logo- meme size copyIf you’re a Board member, you’re opportunity to see The MOOseum isn’t far off as you’ll get a first-hand look at the August Board Meeting to be held August 22 at 10 a.m. We’ll be celebrating our “Over the Top” counties, enjoying an educational session with Dr. Misty Edmondson and getting all the updates…oh, and touring the new exhibits!! Don’t forget to RSVP to Jessica Kennedy by August 16. We’ll see you there!

Membership # of the Day: 8,770



Out and About at Alabama’s Stockyards

67781537_1662426593893337_5689163613571383296_nField services staffer Morgan Pounds  has been out and about in Alabama since she started at the ACA in May. She has been to seven yards across the state and hopes to be able to say she has made it out to visit each yard in the state before she has been on our team for a year. So far she’s visited Mid State Stockyards,  Montgomery Stockyards, Livingston Stockyards, Opp Stockyards, Sand Mountain Stockyards, Alabama Livestock Auction and Clay County Livestock. For the month of August she has Double A Auction (August 24) and Coffee County (August 29). If you will be at the sale on those days, stop by to meet her and grab a cap!



Trump Signs EU Agreement

The officers of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association were on site at Screenshot 2019-08-07 10.31.10the White House last week for President Trump’s announcement of increased access into the European Union. NCBA President Jennifer Houston said “Today is a good day for America’s cattlemen and cattlewomen. President Trump and his trade team deserve a lot of credit for standing up for America’s cattle industry and securing this important market access to Europe. For many years it has been difficult for us to sell our high-quality U.S. beef to European consumers because of the restrictive tariff and non-tariff barriers, but the establishment of this 35,000 metric ton duty-free quota sends the signal to America’s cattle industry that Europe is ready for U.S. beef. All across America, our beef producers go to great lengths to raise safe and delicious beef products that are enjoyed by consumers around the world. It is exciting to know that European families will enjoy more of the delicious U.S. beef that we feed our families. And this would not have happened if it were not for the effort of President Trump and his trade team.”


Consider being a member of NCBA to support the efforts in Washington, join here www.ncba.org.



Fall Promotional Boxes

Next week, ACA Director of Education & Outreach Ali Cantrell will be preparing October Beef Month boxes for county cattlemen’s associations. These boxes will be ready for pick up at the Summer Board of Directors meeting on August 22. Please contact Ali if there is a special event this fall that you need promotional material for so she can add it to your box. If you are unable to pick up a box at the board meeting, let Ali know that you want it mailed. Email Ali



AJCA Leadership Retreat

ACA Director of Field Services Morgan Pounds will be headed to the 4-H 67601805_2270278359755728_2344123335463403520_ncenter Friday with our 2019 2020 Alabama Junior Cattlemen’s Association (AJCA) Board. On this retreat, she hopes the juniors build relationships with each of their fellow board members and grow closer together as a team. The AJCA Board works to serve the Junior Cattlemen of Alabama. Over the weekend, they will have multiple meetings discussing upcoming AJCA events, evaluating 2019 Round-Up (be on the look out for a survey to give us your own evaluation of 2019 Round-Up), and looking at ways they can better serve in their districts as directors.



Board Sales Galore!

It’s board sale season! Staffers Erin Beasley, Kayla Greer, Ali Cantrell, and Morgan Pounds will be attending the Producers Feeder Calf Sale in Autaugaville tonight. The staffers look forward to fellowshipping with fellow cattlemen. On Thursday, Ali Cantrell and Morgan Pounds will head to the SAFE Feeder Calf Sale hosted in the Wiregrass Area.




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