Celebrating Nutrition with Trendy Beef Cuts


BY Elesha Eagle, RDN


Welcome, sweet springtime! 🌿🌼 We are seeing new calves, green grass popping up, and flowers starting to emerge.  March is National Nutrition Month, so let’s spring in to March by focusing on the awesome nutrition found in some of our favorite beef cuts.



Stewing Up Nutrition

Even though the cold weather is (hopefully) starting to leave us, you can utilize stew meat to keep making stews even through the spring.  Stew meat packs the beefy protein punch of 25 grams per serving and will beef up any of your favorite stew recipes.  I found this recipe for Instant Pot Tex-Mex Beef Stew that is full of flavor and great for those cool spring evenings.



Flanks for the Memories

Flank steaks are often over looked at the meat case, but this lean steak can be the centerpiece of your family dinner.  Packing 23 grams of protein with only 160 calories, use flanks steaks for fajitas and fill up your table with toppings and condiments.  Make memories around your dinner table by letting the kids prepare their own fajitas and having a happy, peaceful mealtime sponsored by lean beef.



Get Shorty

Short ribs are full of flavor and fall-off-the-bone tender when slow cooked or braised.  With flu season continuing to linger here in the south, keep your immune system going with this delicious cut of beef.  Short ribs contain 70% of your DV for immune-boosting zinc and are packed with beef’s awesome protein of 24 grams per serving…you are going to want to serve these all year long.  Never tried short ribs? Try this recipe for Braised Short Ribs from Taste of Home.



A Brisket-a-Tasket…

A Brisket is fantastic. Brisket Half Flat is a lean cut of beef from the animal’s breast and is loaded with beef’s awesome protein of 28 grams per serving with only 170 calories.  This super lean cut is great for braising, roasting, slow-cooking or pressure cooking. I don’t know about you, but I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all month long using brisket for this recipe for Homestyle Corned Beef with Dilled Cabbage.


Be sure to check out Beef It’s What’s For Dinner for more recipes, tips, nutrition information, and to learn more about beef from pasture to plate. For more information on National Nutrition Month, visit the website for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Happy National Nutrition Month and celebrate good health with beef!



State Checkoff color_nobackgroundThis article was funded by the Alabama Beef Checkoff Progam. Paid for by Alabama beef farmers and ranchers. 

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