Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame 

The Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame was established in 1981 by the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association and the Southeastern Livestock Exposition. The action was taken for the purpose of “recognizing and honoring living Alabamians who have made significant contributions to Alabama’s cattle and livestock industry.”

As specified in the charter of the Hall of Fame, that charter members “Shall consist of ten members. Thereafter, new members, not to exceed five in any calendar year, shall be elected by the existing members of the Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame.” A majority vote of the existing members shall be necessary for election of new members. Nominations shall be made in writing by an individual or organization, delivered to the chairman of the Hall of Fame.

The Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame is located on the third floor of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association/Southeastern Livestock Exposition building in Montgomery. Pictures of each member of the Hall of Fame, along with brief biographical information about the member, are displayed in the exhibition hall of the building.

In 1995, an update was made to the organization’s bylaws to allow for the posthumous honoring of individuals. This “Pioneer Award” designation has seen numerous deserving men and women added to the Livestock Hall of Fame.

Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame
Year of Induction Name
1981 T. Whit Athey, Jr.
1981 David L. Crawford
1981 Ralph S. Eagle
1981 W.H. Gregory
1981 J. Ed Horton
1981 Cecil Lane
1981 C. Ed Teague
1981 John M. Trotman
1981 Edward Wadsworth
1981 E. Ham Wilson
1982 V. Lavern Brown
1982 W.M. Brown
1982 Fletcher Childs
1982 W.R. Lanier
1982 Mack Maples
1983 J.D. Grimes
1983 Dr. M. Lawrence Crawford
1983 Joseph P. Givhan
1983 Aubrey Smith
1984 Julio Corte, Sr.
1984 Collier Freeman
1984 Dr. Billy Powell
1984 Billy Robertson
1984 Milton Wendland
1985 Dr. Troy Patterson
1985 Pete Reynolds, Sr.
1985 W. Comer Sims
1985 J.C. Webb
1985 Charlie Webb
1986 John B. Armstrong
1986 Carlton Larkins
1986 Dr. A.W. Patton
1987 John T. Jenkins
1987 Dr. George S. Killian
1987 Harold Pate
1988 M.W. Hall
1988 Raymond B. Jones
1988 Dr. W.M. Warren
1989 Glynn Debter
1989 Ann Upchurch
1990 Dr. Dale Huffman
1990 Dr. Jim Hicks
1991 Claude Hardee
1991 J. Lem Morrison
1991 Steve Tondera
1992 Dr. J. Lee Alley
1993 Ida Belle Young
1993 Ned Ellis
1994 Bill Johnson
1995 A.W. Compton, Jr.
1995 Dr. Tom Vaughn
1995 J.L. Adams
1996 Henry B. Gray, III
1996 W.O. Crawford
1997 Dr. Phillip Hardee
1997 Dr. Bob McGuire
1997 Will Howard Smith
1998 Emory Behel
1998 Paul Fuller
1998 Fred Hooper, Sr.
1998 Dr. John Milligan
1999 Homer Neal Lewis
1999 Billy Maples
1999 Richard Beard, Sr.
2000/2001 Gene Ragan
2000/2001 Ed Whatley
2000/2001 Tom McCord
2002 Dr. B.G. Ruffin
2002 Ed Lovelace
2003 Dr. Woody Bartlett
2003 Anne Athey Payne
2003 Norman Crawford
2004 Dr. Ralph Harris
2004 Ronnie Holladay
2004 Jacob Calhoun Harper
2005 Dr. Richard Deese
2005 LD Fitzpatrick
2005 William A. Womack, Sr.
2006 Wayne Thames
2006 Dr. Dwight Wolfe
2006 Ernest Lambert
2007 Gregg Blythe
2007 Tim Coe
2007 T. F. "Tom" Burnside, Jr.
2008 Bill Fuller
2008 Dr. Donald F. Walker, DVM
2008 Dr. Charles Roberts, DVM
2009 Dr. Don Ball
2009 Bob Helms
2010   Bill Pope
2010    Dr. George Smith
2010 Betty Jones
2011 Bob Carson, DVM
2011 Perry Debter
2011 R. L. Ziegler
2012 Wendell Gibbs
2014 Bill Hixon
2015 Issac C “Nealy” Barrett
2015 Max Bozeman, Jr