Alabama Junior Cattlemen's Association

Welcome to the home of The Alabama Junior Cattlemen’s Association. The AJCA was formed in 1958 by the Alabama Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors. The junior organization was to be organized on a county-by-county basis similar to the parent organization. In March 1959 the AJCA elected their first President, Johnny Kilgore.  The Alabama Junior Cattlemen’s Association has changed over the years, but it has remained a group of young people who enjoy working with cattle and promoting Alabama’s beef industry. Some highlights of the AJCA today include the election of the Junior Board of Directors each March at the Alabama Junior Beef Expo and the AJCA Round-Up which is held each year in July. AJCA membership is open to all Alabama youth 21 years of age and younger as of January 1 of the membership year.

AJCA Board of Directors

President/District 3 Director: Anna Grace Parnell, Chilton County (term expires 2015)
Vice President/At Large Director: Payden Smith, Cullman County (term expires 2015)
Secretary/District 1 Director: Maggie Killen, Lauderdale County (term expires 2015)
Treasurer/At Large Director: Cassidy Catrett, Crenshaw County (term expires 2015)
District 2 Director: Michael Pettis, ClayCounty (term expires 2015)
Ex-Officio/District 4 Director: Shelby Windham, Dale County (term expires 2015)
District 1 Director:  Jeffrey Calvert, Lauderdale County (term expires 2016)
District 2 Director: Cole Wakefield, Clay County (term expires 2016)
District 3 Director: Grace Gullatt, Lee County (term expires 2016)
District 4 Director: Taylor Evans, Mobile County (term expires 2016)
At-Large Director: Cheyenne Ritter, Lauderdale County (term expires 2016)
At-Large Director: Reid McGuire, Lee County (term expires 2016)

Presidents of the Alabama Junior Cattlemen’s Association

1959 Johnny Kilgore
1960 Joe Billings
1961 Larry Wheeler
1962 Wylie Johnson
1963 Dickey Winsett
1964 Frank Jones
1965 Frank Jones
1966 Frank Guthrie
1967 Tim Coe
1968 Rex Thornton
1969 Phil Mixon
1970 Steve Pearson
1971 Eddie Hyde
1972 Mike Darnell
1973 Greg Gossett
1974 Frankie Reynolds
1975 Doug Cofield
1976 Oline Walton
1977 Ricky Parmer
1978 Johnny K. Smith
1979 Kim Yates
1980 Jenny Baker
1981 Michael Letlow
1982 Randy Huffman
1983 Mary Pugh
1984 Bill Dozier
1985 Michael Bankston

1986 Jonathan Gladney
1987 Mike Henry
1988 Sabrina Staggs
1989 Julie Cain
1990 Suzanne Berry
1991 Heather Hicks
1992 Bo Boyd
1993 Ashlee Allen
1994 John Maples
1995 Ammie Waters
1996 Sammie Lee Hughes
1997 Jenny Carson
1998 Kelly Carson
1999 Jonathan Smith
2000 Jessica Reeves
2001 Carolyn Pritchett
2002 Kindra Wood
2003 Leslie-Ann Davis
2004 Katlin Mulvaney
2005 Katlin Mulvaney
2006 Matthew Pounds
2007 Skye Black
2008 Brad Baker
2009 Hannah Barton
2010 Ryan Clark
2011 Kendall Jones
2012 James Robert Parnell
2013 Shelby Windham

2015 Pike County Steer & Heifer Entry & Rules

2015 Chilton County Show Cattle Clinic Flyer & Entry


2015 AJCA Roundup Rules

2015 AJCA Director Application

2015 Roundup Entry Form

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AJCA Membership Application

AJCA By-Laws

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