March 19, 2016
Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery
as part of SLE Rodeo events


Teams:  Teams will consist of up to 4 people, ages 18 and older.  Each team will be assigned a 10x10 booth for workspace and provided ribeyes for judging and people’s choice, 2 tables, table clothes, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, paper towels, 2 aluminum pans, toothpicks, trashbag and sanitizer.  Teams are welcome to bring a tent for their space and any other decorations they would like to display.
Teams WILL NOT be provided:  Anything required to prepare your beef products for judging including seasonings, ingredients, cooking utensils, turn in plates, grill, charcoal, etc.  All teams must bring a cooler to store meat in until cooking begins.
Entry Fee:  Teams who enter into the Cowboy Cookoff will pay a $100 entry fee.
Product:  Each team will receive ribeyes at the start of the competition to be used for judging and people’s choice sampling. 
Start Time:  The competition will begin at 12:00 noon.  No product is allowed on grills until this time.  Only preparation of product and pre-heating of grills is allowed prior to start time.
Turn in Time:  Each team is assigned a turn in time upon arrival to the competition.  Turn in times will not begin until 1:00 and will take place every 10 minutes.  You will be reminded 10 minutes prior to turn in that we will be coming for your completed product.


Steaks must be prepared on the grill and can be accompanied by any type of sauce or additional ingredient, which is up to the team’s preference.  Products will be judged based on the following: 

  • Tenderness, juiciness, overall flavor, presentation

People’s Choice Judging:  Following the judging, teams will have 1 hour to prepare for People’s Choice judging.  Sampling will begin at approximately 4:00 PM when rodeo attendee’s leave the coliseum and continue until designated steak product has been sampled.
Awards:  An award’s presentation will take place immediately following the People’s Choice judging.  The following will be awarded:
1st Place Judges Panel- $500
1st Place People’s Choice- $250


Registration Form

Team Information
*Team Name:
*Contact Person:
*Company Name:
Name of Steak Recipe:
*Team Members:

Please make checks payable to AL State Checkoff and mail:
ACA/Cowboy Cook-off
201 S. Bainbridge St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

For Questions and More Information Contact:
Erin Beasley
(334) 265-1867




For questions about the Cowboy Cook-off, please contact Erin Beasley at the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, 334-265-1867 or