AJCA Membership Registration

  • Each AJCA member shall pay annual $15 dues which will be allocated between the county cattlemens association and the state cattlemens association.
  • For households with multiple children. each subsequent sibling will pay $5 annual dues.
  • AJCA membership is mandatory for youth participating in the AJCA Round-Up and other youth events coordinated at the state level.
  • Each AJCA member will be eligible for discounted ACA Convention registration at a rate of $2 per member. Non AJCA member youth will be required to pay $I7 to
    register and attend the ACA Convention & Trade Show.
  • Each AJCA member will receive his/her own copy of the Alabama Cattleman magazine in the months of April and September.
  • ACA county chapter secretaries can submit all of their county's AJCA members on a single spreadsheet available from the ACA office. In this case, AJCA dues should be paid to the ACA county chapter secretary.

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