The MOOseum

The MOOseum A Children's Educational Center

Each year, about 10,000 school children and adults tour The MOOseum. The MOOseum opened in 1995 and offers a fun and interactive way for people of all ages to learn about Alabama’s $2 billion beef cattle industry. The hours of operation for the MOOseum are Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm CST.

You are invited to take a virtual tour of the MOOseum!

For more information about The MOOseum or to book a tour, click here or contact:
Jessica Kennedy, The MOOseum Coordinator
201 S. Bainbridge Street
Montgomery, AL 36102
(334) 265-1867

To help keep the MOOseum fully operational, please make a donation today to the Alabama Cattlemen’s Foundation:

Click on each room to see a panoramic view

The MOOseum Lobby

Come in and be greeted by the newest attraction at The MOOseum, “Dusty” the Texas Longhorn. Take a look around and then start your tour of the different rooms inside this different type of museum dedicated to the beef cattle industry.

Adam’s Room

Come and meet Adam Bainbridge, our one-of-a-kind official spokesman and “guide” for The MOOseum. He will show you a film and tell you a story about the cattle industry here in Alabama. Also, take a look around at the different breeds of cattle and horses you will see on the walls and the different items that are made from cows in the cases.

The History Room

Take a look around “Hoofprints Through Alabama” or what is better known as our history room. It has a timeline that from 1494 (Columbus’s second visit to the new world) to 1996 (when The MOOseum opened.)  There are articles and artifacts that go along with the timeline to tell an interesting story of how cattle became an “industry” in Alabama.

The MOOseum Gift Shop

Don’t forget to meander through the “Country Store” where you can find many unique items related to The MOOseum and items relating to cowboys and cows. You may find a souvenir the you will want to take with you!

Slim’s Buckaroo Cattle Club

This consists of 3 different areas: The Cow Pen, Slim’s Kitchen, and the Rodeo Arena. In all three areas, you will learn about cows, beef nutrition, food safety, and all about the cowboy from the ranch to the rodeo.

The Cow Pen

You’ll get to meet Coco the cow and learn a lot about cows. You can weigh yourself and see how many people it will take to get to 900 pounds (the average weight of a cow), learn how many stomachs a cow has, what a cow eats, and the different names of a cow besides just “cow.”

The Rodeo Arena

You’ll see a rodeo clown barrel where you can run around it like you are a bull trying to get to the clown plus a video showing rodeos past.  Also, check out the different rodeo characters from the past whose pictures are hanging on the wall.

Slim’s Kitchen

You get to dress up as chefs and learn all about food safety and nutrition. Be sure to open up the cabinet doors to learn what Z.I.P. is and how you can get it. Also, there is a big hamburger you can act like you are cooking and feeding to the people that may sit at the table.

The Cowboy and Cowgirl Dress-Up Room

This is where you get to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls. We even have saddles that you can use to act like you are riding on a horse. There is also a place to put your face through to get your picture taken looking like a cowboy from the Wild West Days.